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Using the strongest of materials, retaining walls are an essential feature if necessary but can also be a stylish way to compliment your home, landscaping, patio or entrance to the driveway. Produced by hand using traditional skills by our dedicated team of experienced craftsmen, they help create a focal point but also an additional layer of privacy. The opportunities to explore different styles and designs are vast thanks to the variety of materials available. Whether you’re looking for natural materials to complement your local area or textures that add a unique feature to your outdoor area, there are plenty of possibilities.

Retaining Wall Design

Even on the most challenging of grounds, we can provide a solution that is elegant and expertly crafted. We’ll ensure that the foundations are engineered to meet regulations so we’ll guarantee that the wall can support the soil pressure and counteract any forces. Although retaining walls can look industrial they require intuitive planning to keep their shape. That’s why it’s time to rely on the professionals to deliver a design that is stable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. After all you don’t want a weak wall or one that will collapse altogether. We’ll provide an option that requires soil retaining walls, erosion protection, garden terracing and reinforced slopes that leaves no mess and little maintenance.


Durable, strong, attractive and sustainable, retaining walls are made to measure and have the flexibility to create corners and curves for a truly innovative design. We can construct the walls using gabion baskets and steel posts with concrete panels which are then completed with stone, brick, timber or an alternative material of your choice. Our area is renowned for its Cotswold stone walls which is a popular choice amongst our clients due to their traditional look and use of locally sourced materials.

A stylish design for any setting, Cotswold Landscape Construction will design, supply and build all aspects of your retention wall that will transform your outdoor area to a new level.


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What our customers say

After hearing recommendations from friends we asked Rob to redesign our patio/courtyard and landscape our garden. Rob is knowledgeable and offered lots of suggestions about how we might go about things. We arrived at a design and from there the work commenced with Rob’s team being hardworking with a focus on good quality work. We were impressed with their approach whereby they’d query and offer different solutions to issues that arose and their attitude of doing things the right way rather than the easiest way.

We’re delighted with the results and would happily recommend.

Peter Jones

I have used this team repeatedly over the past 7 years. Have always been impressed with professional, efficient and friendly service from Rob and his experienced team. From landscaping to tree feeling-any size of job-great work, always trustworthy and hard working. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Alex Handley

I can’t thank Cotswold Landscaping & Construction enough for the amazing job they have made of my drive. They have very efficient, tidy and always on time. A pleasure to work with.

Sandra Biddelcombe