Revitalising a Derelict Market Garden

Revitalising a Derelict Market Garden


Mike and Henrietta from Bredon embarked on a visionary project to overhaul a neglected and abandoned market garden into a stunning landscape. Their goal was to transform the space into a beautiful oasis that harmoniously combined a vegetable garden with a spacious terrace featuring a swimming pool.

Designing the terrace using 185m² of Yellow Limestone demanded meticulous planning to ensure both stability and aesthetic cohesion.

The overarching design aimed for a seamless integration of the terrace and the vegetable garden, skillfully marrying practicality with visual allure. The choice of Yellow Limestone as the primary material for the terrace was deliberate, meticulously laid out to elevate the entire area and provide an inviting space centered around the swimming pool.

Moreover, the vegetable garden was thoughtfully divided into raised beds strategically positioned to complement the terrace’s design and overall landscape.