Landscape Water Haven

Landscape Water Haven


Amanda and Jason, residents of Ashleworth, sought to revitalise a neglected portion of their extensive property. The task was to breathe life into a derelict corner of their garden. Their vision included creating a focal point visible from their existing summer house and ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the area. The goal was to transform this neglected space into a harmonious and inviting landscape.

We crafted a terrace adjacent to the pond, offering an ideal spot for relaxation and contemplation. The terrace was designed to complement the natural beauty of the garden, providing a picturesque view of the newly established focal point.

To ensure seamless integration, we laid out a network of pathways connecting the pond, terrace, and surrounding areas. These pathways were meticulously designed to blend with the existing landscape, allowing easy access while maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal.

The pond became the centerpiece, drawing attention from the summer house and inviting moments of tranquility amidst the garden’s greenery.